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“What an extraordinary performance. The text is so beautifully constructed, your performance quality and commitment are so powerful. It was a riveting journey.”

Laura Faure, Director, Bates Dance Festival


"Lida Winfield's In Search of Air is one of those rare works of art in which materials and matters which might otherwise seem intimate and private, by the force one artist's imagination resonate toward other lives, predicaments, challenges and accomplishments. Lida Winfield is a brilliant performer and teacher."

Rick Benjamin, Lecturer, Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design

"Lida is the dance-whisperer."

Gary Shore, Department of Performing Arts, Roger Williams University

“[The Woods are Deep offered] a shift in tone, a breath between segments, each of which had a distinct texture, from tender to goofy, violent to playful.”

Megan James, Seven Days


"My 13-year old son saw Lida Winfield’s show today. Even though I have been ‘dragging’ him to dance and performances for years, he never really ‘connected’ with any of it. Not so now. Just wanted you to know that this show affected a school-hating, movement-hating 13-year-old boy. THANKS."

Audience Member


"Ellen and Lida approach the quiet subject of memories of those who have died in a wonderful, touching and often funny way — storytelling through dance at its most delightful.”

Steve Ames, Director of the River Arts Center


“In Long Gone, many emotions were exquisitely rendered . . . I loved their courage in bringing levity and irreverence to the topic of death.”

Caro Thompson, Documentary Filmmaker


Preview: ‘Same But Different’ connects the dots through dance

The Middlebury Campus

By Ariadne Will, April 1, 2021

Performance shows two dancers “Same but Different”

By Elsie Lynn Parini, Jan 28, 2021 

Dancers Christal Brown and Lida Winfield Collaborate on New Video, 'Same but Different'  

Seven Days Newspaper

By Elizabeth M. Seyer, Jan 27, 2021

Creative Ground Profile - Lida Winfield

New England Foundation for the Arts


Interview with Lida Winfield

WYBCX Yale Radio

By Brainard Carey, September 25, 2020


Lida Winfield and Collaborators Present New Work of Movement and Music

Seven Days Newspaper

By Elizabeth M. Seyer, March 11, 2020


"In Search of Air: Growing Up Dyslexic”

Mahaney Center for the Performing Arts

By Ariadne Will, February 20, 2020 


Whimsy & Wonder: Musings on Lida Winfield’s ‘Imaginary’

Bates Dance Festival

By Phoebe Ballard, August 3, 2019


Interview with Lida Winfield on Praxis Interview Magazine

WYBCX Yale Radio

By Brainard Carey, August 3, 2018


A Peek Into Process: Lida Winfield, Betsy Miller, Matthew Cumbie

Bates Dance Festival,

By Phoebe, July 6, 2017

Performer Lida Winfield Turns Her Academic Struggles Into a Teaching Tool

Kids Vermont

By Alison Novak, March 31, 2015

A Burlington Performer Untangles Her Dyslexia Through Dance

State of the Arts: Seven Days Newspaper

By Megan James, February 22, 2012

Bodies in Motion: Vermont's Dance Scene Takes a Big Leap

Seven Days Newspaper

By Megan James, December 03, 2010


Dreaming the World: In Search of Air

Blog Review

By Michael Watson, September 25, 2010

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